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Maximize your potential with individualized wellness planning to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Accountability IN YOUR POCKET

Exercise with Confidence

Take the guesswork out of your training with exact exercises, sets, reps, and weights to perform every week.

Built by Experience

You will have the support of graduate education and 25+ years of experience. If you value working with an experienced professional, this program is for you.

Built for You

Whether you are having trouble losing weight, building muscle, trying to lower your blood sugar, or just starting out, I will build your wellness or lifestyle program to develop the habits needed for your specific concern.

Community & Support

Join a community of like-minded individuals, all on their own journey. Share strategies, overcome plateaus, and draw inspiration from one another.

Accountability With Brooktree

I will help you clarify what you want to achieve and give you an action plan to achieve it. You will receive the structure, focus, and path to achieve your goals.

Choose YOur path

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching adopts a holistic view, aiming to enhance the overall quality of life. We delve into work-life balance, stress management, personal growth, relationship-building, life goal setting, and more. Unlike wellness coaching, which has specific, often short-term goals, lifestyle coaching is an evolving journey. As life unfolds, presenting new stages and challenges, our focus will adjust, always aiming for well-being and satisfaction.

Wellness Coaching

This program is designed to provide robust support every step of the way. Together, we'll define specific weight loss targets, focusing on overall weight, body fat percentage, and lean mass. Based on your unique needs, we'll design tailored macronutrient guidelines for optimal results. We’ll keep a close eye on your progress, adjusting as necessary.

The Brooktree App Provides All the tools you need

Maximize results and track progress with key stats

Set health and fitness goals and work to achieve them

Follow workouts at home, at the gym or on the go

Stay on top of your health and fitness every day

Celebrate wins and stay motivated to your goals

How It Works


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After signing up, you will receive an Invitation EMail with instructions to set up your login password.



Then you will be asked to fill out your body stats, preferences, and the screening form.



Once you complete the previous steps you will then be automatically directed to download the Brooktree app 



When you login for the first time you will be greeted by an instructional video showing you how to use the app.



I will personally reach out to welcome you to the Brooktree family!

PEOPLE WHO HAVE Trusted Brooktree Consulting

Since starting my fitness journey with Kurt in 2019, my life has transformed dramatically. I've become a new person - brimming with confidence and feeling comfortable in my own skin. My confidence is at an all-time high, and physically, I'm in the best shape of my life. It's like I'm aging in reverse!

The difference in my physique is unmistakable. I now boast more muscle definition and carry less body fat than I ever did in my younger years. My diet has evolved significantly over time; desserts, candy, and junk food no longer appeal to me as they once did. The foods I used to indulge in now taste too sweet or too greasy, and my body just doesn't accept them well anymore.
My overall weight loss journey has been profound. I started at 210 pounds and successfully dropped to a remarkable 140 pounds, shedding a total of 65 pounds.
To anyone feeling skeptical or impatient about their fitness journey, I say: Be patient, trust the process, and stay committed. Don't let the doubters, sometimes even family, sway you from your path. Trust in Kurt's guidance — it's been the beacon for my transformation, and it could be for yours, too.

Tracey B.

The physical discomfort and limitations, along with a wake-up call from seeing a photo of myself, pushed me to make a change. Under the guidance of my coach Kurt from Brooktree Consulting, I saw significant improvements in my health which continuously encouraged me. Physically, I've gone from a high of 250 pounds down to 118 pounds. My workout routine now includes weight training five days a week and daily cardio. It took me 18 months to reach an optimal weight of 125 pounds, and since then, I've continued to work on improving my body composition. I've been working with Brooktree Consulting since 2018, focusing on improving various aspects of my lifestyle including nutrition, exercise, sleep, and hydration. Having the Brooktree app has been vital in my journey to maintaining the consistency in sleep, eating habits, and workout routines, along with cooking at home and exploring new, healthy recipes.

Pamela G.

My journey wasn’t just about losing weight; it was about embracing lifestyle changes. I remember the photo of myself at a gym boot camp, before starting with Brooktree. I was part of a group, yet not entirely satisfied. Fast forward 15 months after joining Brooktree, the difference in me is evident in the photo on the right. A significant shift occurred in my dietary habits. I began eating according to a schedule, eliminating fried foods from my diet. The inclusion of a variety of vegetables and new, healthy foods became a staple in my meals, leading to a newfound love for these nourishments. For those considering a weight loss journey, my key advice is to mentally prepare yourself. Learning to say 'no' and resisting temptations are essential. Meal prepping played a critical role in keeping me on track. It's important to also be prepared for changes in your social life; some friends may not stay through this journey. There will be challenging days, but staying committed to the goal is crucial. The result, I assure you, is worth every effort. Oh, and an important note on my progress: I started this journey at 207 pounds and now I weigh in at 159 pounds!

April R.

I joined Brooktree's lifestyle coaching program and was a client for 2 1/2 years before I transitioned to their wellness coaching program. Reflecting on my journey, the photo on the left shows me at my heaviest weight. Comparatively, the photo on the right captures me at my lightest since my early 20s, perhaps even since my teenage years. This entire process has been a real struggle for me. It took me 2 1/2 years to reach a healthy weight, but I've continued to work with Brooktree even beyond that milestone. One of the biggest lessons I've learned is the importance of cooking. While eating out is convenient, even the "healthy" options aren't as good as what you can make at home. I've focused on eating as cleanly as possible, avoiding processed foods, and staying consistent with it. I've also realized that you don't need to exhaust yourself in the gym every day to lose weight. In fact, about 80% of weight loss success comes from what you do outside the gym and your overall lifestyle, especially your diet. Lastly, I'm proud to share that I've come down from 279 pounds to 193 pounds. It's been a challenging yet rewarding journey, and I'm grateful for the guidance and support I received from Brooktree.

Brandi J.

The process of losing weight has been challenging. It's been about adhering to the guidelines we've set together. When I follow the plan meticulously, I lose weight swiftly; deviating even slightly stalls my progress. This journey began when I was in a foreign country for business, unable to find clothes that fit me due to my size. This moment was a harsh wake-up call, making me realize I needed to change from what you see in the picture on the left. I've been getting Lifestyle Coaching for some time now, and my journey has been one of significant transformation. When I first started, I weighed around 290 pounds, and now I'm down to 238 pounds, having lost 58 pounds and 63 ¼ inches overall. While I'm proud of my progress, I'm not fully satisfied yet. I've learned that weight loss is about a holistic approach, not just exercise. It requires a full commitment to a healthy lifestyle. My advice to others is to be serious about making a lifestyle change, doing it for yourself rather than others. Online coaching works well for me due to my busy lifestyle. And the app makes it so much easier because he's right there in my purse whenever I encounter challenging situations.

Andria C.

I worked with Brooktree for 2 years. The photo on the right, I am more confident and open than ever before, a stark contrast to my shy, insecure self when I was overweight in the picture on the left. There is a 71lb difference in these two photos but I am still working towards my ultimate goal of not just having a flat stomach but a well-defined body. I aspire to wear shorts and maybe even a bikini, taking my body to a level it's never been before. Before Brooktree, my weight loss attempts were unstructured and based on supplements and family suggestions. Now, I have a comprehensive plan and a better understanding. I would recommend Brooktree to anyone serious about a lifestyle change.

Florence A.

I've been working with Brooktree Consulting for over a year and a half, during which I've undergone a significant transformation. I've dropped 48 pounds and reduced girth measurements 47 inches. Before, I was in denial about my weight, just buying bigger clothes as I went up two dress sizes. However, after trying to lose weight on my own for 6 months with minimal success, I decided to seek help from Brooktree. I feel immensely better now – physically, mentally, and in terms of overall health. It hasn't been easy, but it's been incredibly rewarding. Plus using the app gives me the added confidence to keep up the supportive lifestyle habits. I recommend Brooktree to anyone serious about making long-term health changes, not just looking for a quick fix.

Carmen L.

I underwent a remarkable transformation with Brooktree, losing 82 pounds in just 7 months. My journey began when I struggled to get out of bed one morning and learned that I was pre-diabetic, despite being overweight for 13 years and facing various health issues. Working with Brooktree helped me to focus on nutrition and teaching me the importance of overall lifestyle changes. Now, I feel more energetic, youthful, and confident than ever. To anyone looking to lose weight, my advice is to seek professional help. It's essential to be educated and disciplined to sustain a healthier lifestyle. I didn't just lose weight, I gained the knowledge and discipline to maintain my newfound health.

Michele T.

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